The beginning of the adventure

31 years ago I was born in a city close to the sky, literally. La Paz city in Bolivia, is very high 3600 m.a.s.l. Commonly known as “la hoyada” which means “a hole”, this magnificent city is built in the middle of the Andes mountains. When you are a kid (as when I was) I was impressed by the mountains, the landscape and the very steep streets of my city, I remember admiring the landscape every day from my school bus from the school to my home. I was never tired of the view from Avenida de los Leones going towards Obrajes for those who know La Paz.

With time I got used to it. It was only when I left my country, when I realized the uniqueness of the city. Uniqueness in many aspects, amazing view among mountains, wonderful ecosystems with unique plants and animals living in them, unique people, food, traditions and events like the zebras . And eventually, after living many years abroad, I start to miss many of them.

When I was about six or seven years old, I went for the first time to the Titicaca lake, the highest lake in the world. Even though I had no notion that my city was very high, I realized that for traveling to the lake we had to up to another even higher (4000m) city: “El Alto”. And travel from there through the Altiplano. I remember the first view of the lake in the middle of this vast plain between the Andes. It was outstanding. I fell in love with it. The Titicaca lake is one of my favorites places in Bolivia, every time I come back I try to go there. It is very special.

I had a happy childhood, discovering new places, traveling a bit inside and outside my country. Until my 10th year I was very close to my mother, later to my dad and always the best accomplice with my brother, for good or bad… Since the day my brother was born we were together discovering the new things, talking about anything from silly episodes of “The Simpsons” to the possibility of parallel worlds… We have been supporting each other and we will always do, no matter how far we physically are.

As a kid and later teenager, I remember always questioning everything, what is light? Why do we need to eat? How the food gets cooked in the oven…and I also remember trying to get my answers asking people (googling it was not an option yet…). I know it is a bit difficult to imagine a world without internet, specially for the young generations. But yes, when computers were just starting to be popular I couldn’t differentiate between a computer and internet.

As any kid, I was always curious, discovering the world. Curiosity that grew with time, curiosity to understand how things work, desire to discover nature and understand all living organisms around me. I was always ready, willing to take risks, looking for new adventures. Maybe sometimes a bit careless. But at the end, this is what impulse me to find my path. My purpose in life, to study the life itself.

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